Summer Wines in Cans

Summer Wines in Cans

This month's news is all about our first foray into wine in cans. Bearing in mind our motto - "If we’re not prepared to drink it ourselves, we're not prepared to sell it” - we have tasted many cans and are delighted to now offer two English wines, plus two more from South Africa.
Canned wines have several advantages. They are very eco-friendly and are accepted where bottles are banned: beaches, swimming pools, open air concerts and festivals. And, being light to carry and quick to chill, they're great for picnics and barbecues.
At 250ml they’re smaller than a half bottle and serve one glass of wine plus a top-up. The British bubblies are fresh and lighthearted and can be enjoyed straight from the can, but the still wines are more complex and best poured into a glass or reusable cup.

The Uncommon Gerald 2020 English Bubbly White Wine 

What great packaging this wine and its sister below have! A blend of Bacchus and Chardonnay grapes hand-picked in Surrey and Kent. The wine contains 80% less sugar than the average Prosecco, and gets its sparkle from carbonating it with carbon dioxide in the can, which helps ensure it maintains its fizz and crisp flavour. Vegan-friendly, and of course the aluminium can is endlessly recyclable.



The Uncommon Eleanor 2020 English Bubbly Rosé Wine

A Pinot Noir, hand-picked in Hampshire. The softest of pink colours is achieved by leaving the pressed grapes to macerate only for a few hours to take on some of the colour from the skin. Similar to Gerald above, the wine is made specifically to thrive in cans rather than bottles (not that you’ll save it long enough to age the wine). If you are going to have a taste-off between Eleanor and Gerald, we suggest you start with Eleanor.



A.A. Badenhorst 2020 "The Curator" Red Blend

We have long been a fan of Badenhorst’s wines and this red blend is no exception. Most commentators don’t seem to rate red wine in a can because they are often unoaked and thin; this is definitely not one of those. Made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Cinsault with a dash of Grenache (all sourced from the Cape’s Swartland region) it’s medium-bodied and full of luscious purple fruit. Fabulous with barbecued anything.


If you’d prefer to stick to glass half bottles, we have a great selection of screwcap wines - please click here - that are also perfect for picnics and garden parties. One of our favorites is the Viña La Playa 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, which is bright and fresh, with aromas of lemon and pineapple. Ideal as an aperitif, and lovely with grilled fish or halloumi with chili and lime.
Have a great summer!


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