Rating Wine

While much has been made of the original 20 point scale loved by Jancis Robinson, or the 100 point scale more common today and used by Wine Spectator, Robert Parker, et al, we have questions.  Why does the count not start at zero?  If it's a 100 point scale that only starts at 50, doesn't that make it a 50 point scale?  And can one really tell the difference between an 88 and an 89?  For our tasting purposes, we find the following 4 point scale far more useful!

How we rate wine - a four point scale

3 - I'm drinking as much of this as I can before the others finish it (a good vintage and an excellent example of the variety and typical of the region)

2 - I've had better, but I'm enjoying this

1 - I'm sipping this politely in the hope that something better will arrive soon; not to my taste

0 - It's the flower pot for this one and water if there's nothing else; not what a wine like this should taste like

If the wine is off it doesn't get rated, as that's not fair.