Our Values

Our values all stem from what we love about halfwine. There are many benefits that come with half sized bottles — all of which empower us to make higher quality wines more accessible at an affordable price.

Our values at halfwine.com 37.5cl

Guaranteed enjoyment

If a wine is off or you don’t like it for any reason, we will give you a credit towards your next purchase.

Fair prices

Our quality wine provides great value for money despite half bottles costing the winery more than half the cost of a full bottle.

Perfect gifts

A birthday or Christmas present; a ‘get well’ gift; a Valentine’s Day thought; your contribution to a fabulous dinner; or I just deserve it!


Our wines are from a good vintage and are excellent examples of the variety and typical of the region; quality and price in balance.

Social conscience

Wherever possible we source our wine from family-run wineries who farm organically.

More variety

Half bottles allow you to match each course of a meal to the perfect wine. Our tasting packs enable you to experiment with different wines.

Your choice, every time

Are you tired of drinking wine you don't like just because that's what others prefer? Half bottles give you choice!

Healthier quantity

Half bottles help you to restrict your alcohol intake to a reasonable quantity (375ml, two to three glasses in a half bottle).

Reduced waste

No one likes to drink old opened wine, so start a fresh half bottle every time and don’t waste a drop.

Expert selection

halfwine.com founders have been visiting wineries to taste and buy half bottles for more than 20 years.