Customer Comments

Customer feedback is very important to us. It's our way of knowing we're holding true to our aim: to be easy to do business with and to get it right the first time (and if we don't, we'll fix it!).


Brilliant service.  Prem

The wines are excellent and enable a very good contrast of the old and the new world, thanks very much and give a 5 star rating.  MP

The wine has been very nice thank you. Planning my next order.  Derek

Such attention to customers is very rare.  Vladimir

A great selection of wine. Highly recommended.  Christopher

Just had a phone call from the delighted recipient of this birthday gift so thank you for your super efficiency.  Averil M

Appreciate you sorting this. You’ve always been very good at sorting any concerns and issues, and it makes me return and buy more from you.  Jon T

Once again, thank you for the excellent customer service!  Tim P

Yes, I want half bottles - despite trying all sorts of ways of saving the other half it never seems as good!  Nicky R

Thank you for the refund. These things happen [one wine was corked]. It's great to know that halfwine looks after you when it does.  Beans B

Very impressed - my order was delivered approx 24 hours after being placed, and it had to come quite a long way. Also I do like the insulated packaging.  David M

I am delighted to have found you as it is extremely frustrating to try and find a reliable and varied selection of half bottles elsewhere. I am currently following a healthy lifestyle program which suggests having half bottles of wine to save you from yourself but still allow you a little treat.  Mags H

My son has been delighted with his gifts (that I sent him) from Thank you for your excellent service.  Malcolm S

I would like to send the "12 reds " and 2 champagne to my daughter in Scotland for her birthday. She heard about you from friends in Cambridge who are very happy with your service.  Sue S

I will definitely be using the website again. Half bottles are such a great gift for those that aren't excessive drinkers but enjoy a nice glass and also for husbands of pregnant ladies!  Laurie

Your brave proposition (half bottle wines) is excellent with very few suppliers doing it proper justice, the website, its value-added information contained therein, and product choice are all first class.  Donald

Great service. Looking forward to the wine. Terry C

Great product concept.  I needed a gift for my Grandmother and although she enjoys wine, she's reluctant to open a full bottle just for herself so a case of half bottles is a great idea and should go down well.  Grant

Thank you very much for your advice - I have ordered the wines you suggested… Look forward to receiving them and to seeing my husband finish a nice bottle of wine instead of leaving half of it on the counter to go off before he comes back to it!  Ellen