Green Wine

The only way to be truly ‘green’ with wine is to take your recycled container to the winery and have wine poured directly from the bulk container. (Wineries actually do this for very cheap wine.) Even so, here at we still care about the environment. Below are three simple promises we have made to help the environment...

The wine we choose for you

Sustainable Farming for half bottles 37.5cl

Wherever possible we source our wine from producers who farm organically or at least 'nurture nature', that is, they minimise the use of chemicals and fertilisers.

How we package your wine

Sustainable Packaging for half bottles 37.5cl

Our outer box is thin, strong, and uses the least material possible. What's more, it's from a sustainable forest, 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. For orders of 5 or more half bottles our cardboard inners are made from recycled paper that are also 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable. For four or less half bottles we use plastic airsacs that are recyclable (please see below). We use them because they eliminate breakages and enable our outer carton to be smaller and thinner.

Recycling the packaging

Recyclable Packaging for half bottles 37.5cl

All the packaging, the outer carton, the airsacs and the bottles are 100% recyclable.

How can Airsac® be recycled?
Airsacs and plastic shopping bags are not widely recycled at kerbside. The easiest step is to use a return-to-store recycling facility at a large supermarket. These are widely available across the UK and they accept category 4 (LPDE) plastics. This is because most plastic carrier bags are made from LDPE film. See the manufacturer's website here for details.