The World of Halfwine

Use the Halfwine World menu above or the links below to learn more about wine, half bottles of wine, and And please feel free to contact us with any questions not already tackled on our website.

About Halfwine

Everything you need to know about 375ml bottles of wine, and about
- About a message from our founder, Kevin Dilton-Hill
- Why half bottles, and why
- Our company's values
- Comments from satisfied customers
- Doing our part for the environment
- How it all works
- Frequently asked questions

Halfwine World

Loads more information on tasting wine, rating wine, and pairing food and wine; as well as how to run a virtual wine tasting or a neighbourhood wine club.
- Tasting and learning about wine, and some excellent third-party wine resources
- Rating wine (a cheeky score that's a lot more useful than the ubiquitous 100-point score)
- How to pair food and wine
- How to run a wine club
- How to host a virtual tasting

Did You Know?

More information about half bottles and about wine in general: the different styles and varietals, how it's made, and what's popping up in the news.
- Did you know... about half bottles of wine?
- Our take on the latest news about wine
- Wine styles (e.g. light, perfumed red wines)
- Wine varietals (e.g. pinot noir)
- A winery visit: the journey from vineyard to table
- The winemaking process: the journey from grape to bottle

Halfwine Travels

Based on our travels in wine country throughout the world, we suggest wineries you may like to visit when in an area. We also have detailed notes from past trips including where we tasted wines, where (and what) we ate, and where we stayed.
- How we travel
- Our recommendations for France
- Our recommendations for South Africa
- Our recommendations for other wine regions of the world
- More detailed notes from our travels