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Offering only carefully curated half bottles (a perfect two to three glasses) we carry around 100 different wines, making ours the most comprehensive range of 375ml bottles in the UK today. We have been tasting and buying half bottles for decades, and hand-pick wines for you that are great tasting and good value for money - guaranteed.

Our wines are always excellent examples of the varietal, and typical of the region. We buy from smaller, independent producers who use organic/natural methods, minimising the use of chemicals and fertilisers. And we ship your wines in sustainable packaging that can be reused or recycled (more about our green efforts here).

Need Help Choosing? Wine Style Finder

Not too familiar with wine but know how you want it to taste? Use our Wine Style Finder to help you pick half bottles of wine to your liking. We've organised our wines into categories such as Smooth, Mellow Reds and Crisp, Dry Whites. All you need to decide is which style you like, then click through to see all the wines we carry in that style. We've also put together Find My Style tasting packs so you can taste the different styles and discover which ones you like best.

Host A Wine Tasting Event

Half bottles are perfect for wine tastings as you can try more wines with less waste. Also, because wine ages faster in half bottles, you can get a better feel for what the winemaker intended and where the wine, given time, would be headed.

Choose from our range of inspired tasting packs; start a wine club in your neighbourhood, or host your own virtual tasting event; or hire a live guide to create a custom tasting event tailored to your specific group.

From Our Founder

In the video below, our wine-savvy founder Kevin Dilton-Hill introduces half bottles of wine; where they come from, why you should drink them, what is on offer with our curated selection, and halfwine.com's quality guarantee. And take a browse through our Halfwine World menu to learn more about wine, half bottles of wine, and halfwine.com.

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