Wine Tastings

Choose from our range of inspired tasting packs; pick your own wines from our wide selection of individual half bottles; or hire a wine guide to create a custom tasting event tailored to your specific group - see below for all the details.

Virtual Wine Tasting Events at

Half bottles are perfect for wine tastings as you can try more wines with less waste. And because wine ages faster in half bottles, you can get a better feel for what the winemaker intended and where the wine, given time, would be headed. Also, at the high-end of wine in terms of cost and quality, tasting from a half bottle as part of a broader event is a great way for you to see for yourself whether more expensive wines are worth it; and a half bottle is always a more cost effective way to enjoy a glass of something truly special.

Wine Tasting Options

Halfwine works with an industry qualified and experienced wine guide, who has helped us create a number of wine tasting options.


    For an informal occasion, choose one of our four-half bottle tasting packs, or pick your own individual half bottles according to your chosen theme. The notes about each wine on provide an ‘in house’ guide to the aromas and flavours of the wines. Some have found it useful to share the tasting notes before the tasting, rather than trying to find and read them online during the tasting. Alternatively, have one of your group present a few facts about the wines and suggest what the guests should look for in terms of colour, bouquet and flavour. Please also see here for our handy how-to guide on hosting a virtual wine tasting or here for tips on how to start your own neighbourhood wine club.

        Live Wine Guide

        For any of our four-half bottle tasting packs, a live virtual walk through of the wines, their grape characteristics and regions, and a Q&A (30 to 90 minutes total) at a suitable time for you. Prices start at £5 per participant and are based on the number of people, style, and quality of the wines selected. This is a great hassle-free option when some guests are remote with others gathered in-person.

          Bespoke Event

          If you’re looking for that something special, contact us to discuss a custom event. We'll create a wine experience - based on your occasion, budget, audience, and the wines, regions or grapes of your choice - to enable you to explore what you love and discover more of what you could be drinking.

          Your wine guide will lead the tasting, advise on food pairings, and answer any questions. We can tailor the experience as much as you’d like, ensuring your guests learn a little or a lot, or simply have a fun and engaging session.

            We can also arrange a flight of handcrafted artisan cheeses paired with any of the above wine tasting options. And if any of your guests really would prefer beer, we can organise a tasting pack from a craft brewer in Sussex. Vegan? Gluten-free? Low or no alcohol? Our resourceful guide can work with you around any special requirements for your event.

            For a true journey of discovery, take a look at our 24-half bottle Around The World tasting pack. This is available accompanied by a series of six private tasting sessions of up to 60 minutes each.

            Contact us for more details on any of the above wine tasting packages, or to help you choose the best option for your occasion.