Domaine Filliatreau 2017 Saumur Champigny Vieilles Vignes

Tasting notes
A great fruit aroma then ripe black currents, the typical violets and firm tannins. Ideal with grilled meats and roast vegetables.

Why we recommend this wine
Cabernet Franc is not a common grape, the middle reaches of the Loire being one of the few places specialising in producing it as a single varietal wine. When we visited the Loire a while back (see our trip notes here) we came across some excellent examples and made a note to hunt them out for you. This wine shows you what Cabernet Franc can do.

The wine
'Vieilles Vignes' is made from a parcel of octogenerian vines picked by hand in whole bunches. The must is macerated for 30-35 day in thermo-regulated, stainless steel vats. Rémontage (pumping must from the bottom of the tank over the skins that have floated to the top) occurs twice a day and the temperature is maintained at 25-27ºC. The wine is then fermented at 33°C in order to extract the maximum colour.
“The imperial Vieilles Vignes – a mesmerising and peerless glimpse of what Loire Cabernet Franc is capable of." Matthew Jukes - '100 Most Iconic Wine Estates'.

The wine estate
Fourth generation, formerly rosé wine makers, the Filliatreaus were instrumental in popularising red wines made from Cabernet Franc. From a start of 9 hectares they now own vineyards of more than 40 hectares which shows how successful they have been.

Food and wine
Grilled meats, caramelised roast vegetables, hard cheeses are ideal with this robust red. Also see our guide to pairing food and wine here. Decant about an hour before drinking.

Did you know?
Cabernet Franc is one of the varietals that goes into the Right Bank Merlot dominated Bordeaux blends.