The Uncommon Eleanor English Bubbly Rosé Wine (canned wine 2 x 187ml)

Tasting notes
Strawberries and summer, soft pink; just perfect as an aperitif.

Why we recommend this wine
We are continuously hunting for UK wines in less than full bottles. With summer on the way this is perfect for picnics, the beach, open air concerts, etc. And we just love the packaging!

The wine
A Pinot Noir, hand-picked in Hampshire. The softest of pink colour is achieved by leaving the pressed grapes to macerate only for a few hours to take on some of the colour from the skin. The must is then pressed again and the juice collected. The wine is made specifically to thrive in cans not bottles (not that it will be around long enough to age). It contains 80% less sugar than the average Prosecco. The wine got its sparkle from carbonating it with carbon dioxide. The aluminium can is endlessly recyclable and chills in 10 minutes in the fridge.

The wine estate
The Uncommon were the first to can wine in the UK; they use bought-in wine. All stages of the wine making process happens within 50 miles of their base in South East London. In addition to having sustainability at the heart of everything they do. They also partner with the Bee Friendly Trust.

Food and wine
Being very light you want light food such as canapes or strawberries. Refer also to our food and wine pairing guide, click here.

Did you know?
Pinot Noir, being a dark red skinned grape, normally makes red wine even though the juice from the grape is the same colour as the juice from a white wine grape. The colour is achieved by maceration, that is, leaving the grape juice in contact with the skins, often up to a week, to extract the colour. Eleanor gets its colour the same way, but as noted above, by leaving the rape juice in contact with the skin for only a few hours. The way of making rosé is called the saignée method. The other way, mixing a bit of red wine with the white wine is widely banned except in Champagne.