Warre's Vintage Port

Tasting notes
Full-bodied, rich and plummy with amazing concentration and buoyant freshness delivering flavours of black cherries and blackberries. Best enjoyed with dark chocolate at the end of dinner.

Why we recommend this wine
Warre’s is an excellent producer of port and this wine got amazing scores from the critics.

The wine
Grapes are sourced from Warre’s owned estates; Quinta da Cavadinha (46 hectares), Quinta do Retiro Antigo (40 ha), and Quinta da Telhada (35 ha) but also from other vineyards, owned privately by members of the Symington family; Quinta do Alvito (35 ha) and Quinta das Netas (5 ha). Warre’s continues to make some of its Port by treading in stone ‘lagares’ but they mostly use Symington-designed stainless steel Robotic Lagares that ‘tread’ the grapes automatically. To learn more about port see our Port Tasting Pack notes here or https://vintageportsite.com/ 

The wine estate
Warre’s was the first British Port company established in Portugal. Founded in 1670 by two Englishmen, William Burgoyne and John Jackson, the firm gained few more partners through time, including William Warre in 1729 who will give it its name. By the end of the 18th century, Warre’s had become one of the leading Port shippers and accounted for 10% of all port shipments. The Symington family, 5th generation Port producers, have managed Warre’s for over 100 years.

Food and wine
A young full-bodied and fruit-driven Vintage Port is well paired with dark chocolate, or with a strong blue cheese, such as a Stilton. When we had finished our port tasting we had sticky toffee pudding with clotted cream and this went down a treat with that – not your everyday recommendation! Refer also to our food and wine pairing guide, click here.

Did you know?
Port aficionados say that vintages port only reaches its peak after 40 odd years although some bottles have lasted well for centuries. Being a half bottle, this port will only really hit its stride in about 2050. Luckily it is pretty good right now if you can’t wait that long.