Virtual Wine Tasting Events

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Are you in a wine rut, bored with the wines you know and looking to mix things up a little?
Do you need some help discovering what wine styles you’ll enjoy?
Have you always wanted to learn more about wine but don’t know where to begin?

Then join our virtual wine tasting events each month... you’ll get to enjoy some wines you already know you like, explore less familiar wines along the same themes, and occasionally discover a new wine you love that you never would've tried otherwise.

Guided Wine Tastings 
Led by a WSET-certified wine guide, each live virtual tasting session typically lasts around an hour and includes an insight into the relevant wine regions, varietals and wine-making techniques that influence the way the wine looks and tastes in the glass in front of you. Following this, we encourage questions, welcome your stories and indulge in a few of the topics that interest you; this helps keep each wine tasting experience unique.

What We're Tasting
While last season's sessions focused on specific grape varietals, the new season will focus on the different wine-making regions as well as old-world versus new-world comparisons. The season started in November and runs through to March 2023.
November 10th - Sherry
November sees annual Sherry Week celebrated across the world so this session is a deep dive into how Sherry is made and how so many styles of sherry can be produced from only two grape varieties.
December 7th - Christmas
A classic Christmas dinner combination – a sparkling from Spain, a moreish white from the Loire (not Sauvignon Blanc), a Merlot-based red from Bordeaux and a Port (I was going to use the Oxford comma but decided it was too political).
January 18th - Life's not too short for cheap wine
For everyday wines we look to those that offer a good standard of flavour and quality, without the hefty price tag. Great value wines are out there but one must taste it before buying - we have tasted a huge number on your behalf to create our value range. In this session we discover a white wine from Bordeaux (yes, they make some great ones) and a white gem from Portugal before exploring reds from Chile and Spain.
February 22nd – Hidden Gems from France
We blast away the January blues by discovering the lesser known gems of France - a white wine from the Southwest and then a rosé from an area that specialises in rosé (not Provence). The red wines are from the Rhone and the Southwest (but not so far South or so far West as the white wine made from a varietal made famous by the Argentinians). Intrigued?
March 22nd – Tour de Europe
We will have a spring in our step as we encounter a sparkling wine from France that is not Champagne, a white wine from Northern Spain and a red wine from Italy and Portugal. Perfect for the coming slightly warmer months.
Attend only
If you would prefer to attend an event and arrange your own wines to taste, please select this option. Please email us to let us know which event(s) you want to attend.