Virtual Wine Tasting Club - new season starts in September 2022

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Have you always wanted to learn more about wine but don’t know where to begin?
Are you bored with the wines you know you like and looking to mix things up a little?
Do you need some help discovering what wines you’ll enjoy?

Then join our monthly Virtual Wine Tasting Club: like a book club, only with more wine and less homework! And just as with the best book clubs, you’ll get to enjoy some wines you already know you like, explore less familiar wines along the same themes, and occasionally discover a new wine you love that you never would have tried otherwise.

Guided Wine Tastings 
Led by a WSET-certified wine guide, each live virtual tasting session will begin with an overview of the relevant wine regions, varietals, wine-making techniques and terminology. We’ll open the first two wines for a side-by-side tasting - discussing what we see, smell, and taste in these specific wines, as well as what you can expect of this wine style generally. We’ll look to the third wine for contrast (you can either open this third wine too or, if two half bottles are plenty for one session, take notes for another night). Finally, we’ll open up the session so you can ask your questions and share your comments. Total time: one hour.   

What We're Tasting Next
While last season's sessions concentrated on specific grape varietals, the new season will focus on the different wine-making regions as well as old-world versus new-world comparisons. The season starts after summer and runs September - December (Part I - four sessions) and January - April (Part II - four sessions).

Time-strapped or commitment-phobic? Try a single virtual tasting session featuring three half bottles of wine. Find our single event sign-up here.