Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Pack


Two French and two new world Sauvignon Blancs.

A tasting pack to contrast classic French Sauvignon from the Loire river valley with those from the New World - New Zealand and Chile.

- Domaine Haut Perron, Sauvignon Blanc
The calcium soil produces a flowery, round wine. Click (here) for more details.
- Chateau Haut Rian, Bordeaux Blanc
Bordeaux invented the blend of Sauvignon and Semillion - a blend that we really like. Sadly most Bordeaux white wine makers have pulled up their Semillion vines but this is a great example. Click (here) for more details.

The New World Sauvignons contrast the different styles of wine from New Zealand and Chile.
- Villa Maria, Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc
A benchmark New Zealand Sauvignon. Click (here) for more details.
- Vina La Playa, Sauvignon Blanc
A typically floral Chilean Sauvignon. Click (here) for more details.

The actual wines available will depend on current stock; please see here.

Ideal for a virtual wine tasting - see here for more details.