Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Pack


Two French and two new world Sauvignon Blancs.

A tasting pack to contrast classic French Sauvignon from the Loire river valley with those from the New World - New Zealand and Chile.

- Domaine Haut Perron, Sauvignon Blanc
The calcium soil produces a flowery, round wine. Click (here) for more details.
- Chateau Haut Rian, Bordeaux Blanc
Bordeaux invented the blend of Sauvignon and Semillion - a blend that we really like. Sadly most Bordeaux white wine makers have pulled up their Semillion vines but this is a great example. Click (here) for more details.

The New World Sauvignons contrast the different styles of wine from New Zealand and Chile.
- Villa Maria, Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc
A benchmark New Zealand Sauvignon. Click (here) for more details.
- Vina La Playa, Sauvignon Blanc
A typically floral Chilean Sauvignon. Click (here) for more details.

As in all tasting packs, the wines included are those that are currently available individually on Click here to see the wines included.

Ideal for a virtual wine tasting - see here for more details.