San Simone NV Verde Prosecco DOC

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Tasting notes
Fresh, light (only 11% abv) and apple-y; excellent as an aperitif but also ideal with delicate appetizers.

Why we recommend this wine
Proseccos seem to come in two main styles; one floral and the other apple-y. We prefer the latter and this is a good example.

The wine
The 100% Glera gapes are grown near Rondover in the hills of Conegliano and Vittoro Veneto in the province of Treviso. Harvested in the first couple of weeks in September the grapes are gently destemmed, crushed and pressed before fermentation for 10 days in stainless steel thermo-controlled (16-18°c) tanks,. Thereafter it is aged in stainless steel vats waiting for the sparkling process. The sparkling process is a secondary fermentation in pressurized tanks for about 20 days at controlled temperature (12-16°C) until reaching 2.5 bar of pressure. At the end of fermentation the wine refines in contact with the yeast deposited at the bottom of the autoclave. This is followed by racking, refrigeration and filtration before the isobaric bottling.

The wine estate
Located in the most western part of DOC Friuli Grave and central part of DOC Prosecco, the San Simone winery was founded in 1915. It takes its name from the 14th century chapel that is situated opposite the property. The Brisotto family have now owned the winery for four generations. The current generation are promoters of modern viticulture based on low grape yields, concentrating on sustainable viticulture in order to contribute to the environment.

Food and wine
Ideal with delicate sea and land appetizers, with liver pâté and with home-made pizza. Also see our guide to pairing food and wine here. This prosecco should be drunk young to enjoy the freshness; 5-7° the ideal serving temperature.

Did you know?
Following a complex process of research and experimentation they have identified a twist-off cap (screw-cap) that is an appropriate sealing system for sparkling Prosecco; the wine retains its freshness and fragrance of the fruit. Every little nuance of flavour’s profile is preserved. Each bottle gives its best.