Grower Champagne - Paul Déthune, NV, Grand Cru Brut

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Tasting notes
A beautiful yellow gold in colour with aromas of brioche and honeysuckle and a taste of creamy effervescence and lemony acidity,  both dry and rich. Great as an aperitif and with fish and mushroom dishes.

Why we recommend this wine
Every time that we go to Champagne we visit the town of Ambonnay because there are several growers that make champagne that we really like and Déthune is one of those. Guess it is the high percentage of Pinot Noir that we like.

The wine
70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay including 30 to 50% of reserve wine from older vintages. During blending the House also works with reserve wines aged in oak barrels, 205 liter Champagne barrels and 32 hectoliter oak tuns. This somewhat rare approach guarantees a wine with a very consistent quality. The wine opens up wonderfully after 20 minutes or so. The dosage is 9 gr/litre.

The wine estate
Pierre, the current generation of Déthunes learned to walk in the Ambonnay vineyards alongside his father Paul, who came from a long line of vintners that goes back to 1610. They produce a range of ten champagnes that are 100% Grand Cru.
Committed to respecting the environment using sustainable viticulture methods they have reintroduced bees by installing hives, use zero insecticides or herbicides, apply organic fertilizers and grow grass cover on the rows between the vines. They have gone even further, the entire estate has gone into organic conversion but will have to wait a few more years to obtain the organic certification and sell their first wines from organic viticulture. They now generate 100% of the electricity they consumed thanks to the installation of new photovoltaic panels and have installed a charging station for all electric or hybrid vehicles.

Food and wine
Champagne is better if it has been opened and allowed to breathe for 20 to 30 minutes before drinking. We didn’t believe it when we were first advised to do this but it really works. Just open the bottle and leave it in the fridge (or on the table if it is already too cold); it will not lose its bubbles but will taste much better.
In addition to the normal fish and mushroom dishes Déthune say that the Brut goes well with leg of lamb, beef tenderloin and Comté aged 18-24 months. Also see our guide to pairing food and wine here.

Did you know?
Although more than 320 villages constitute the AOC Champagne, Ambonnay is only one of 17 of them that qualify for the title “Grand Cru”. These exceptional terroirs represent barely 12% of the total surface area of production, which adds to their rarity.