Burgundy - Côte d'Or

Ploughing the organic grans cru vineyard La Romanee

In Burgundy we usually stay in Beaune so start our tastings at the furthest point which, for us, is the village of Gevrey-Chambertin. Tasting in Burgundy is very much a hit and miss affair because very few of the winemakers are large concerns so there is little by way of staffed tasting rooms. Tastings are conducted around a barrel in the cellar or in the house. We have shown many more winemakers than one would ordinarily visit because many of them will not be available for tastings on the day of your visit. You may well have to drive the streets and knock on doors to see who is willing to offer you a tasting.

The winemakers that we visit regularly are shown in the map below. (Click on the icon to see our notes about the winemaker - the heart icon is our favourite.) Obviously there are many more in any particular village.