Domaine du Prieuré 2022 Hautes-Côtes de Beaune

Tasting notes
Tart red fruits (think cherries) typical of a Bourgogne Rouge. Ideal with subtly flavoured dishes – meats, cheeses.

Why we recommend this wine
A well sited vineyard that makes the vines work produces ideal Bourgogne Rouge. And then the winemaker is a family owned concern that ‘nurtures nature’. These both are our ideal profiles for wines we choose.

The wine
The vineyard is South-facing on the top of the hill to the South of Savigny-les-Beaune. This wine is vinified in open vats. After a period of maceration, active fermentation takes place over a week under temperature control. The wine is then placed in barrels or vats for an ageing phase that lasts 12 to18 months, depending on the year.

The wine estate
Now the third generation of the Maurice family is running the domaine which has been built slowly up to 14ha of vines from almost nothing over the years. Their planting density is 11,000 plants per hectare. This competition between vines contributes to low yields and forces them to go deep into the soil for the nutrition and water they need. They do not use herbicides and our cultivation methods allow them to improve the structure and microbiotic life of the soils. Environmentally-friendly pest-control methods are used for the vines. This means that the treatments and the doses are adapted to the disease pressure and the plant's growth cycle.

Food and wine
This light, slightly tart wine goes well with subtly flavoured dishes – hors-d'oeuvre, chicken, fish, cheeses. Also see our guide to pairing food and wine here.

Did you know?
Although most of the vineyards in Burgundy are on the slopes facing more or less South East towards the Alps there are some on the tops of these slopes facing more or less westwards. These vineyards are all in appellations prefaced "Hautes-Côtes de".