Aix 2020 Rosé

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Tasting notes
The colour is bright and pale rosé, the wine itself pure, fresh, crisp and youthful with a decent structure to the wine. Elegant, generous and tasty and the perfect wine to drink all day long. Ideal with nibbles of any kind.

Why we recommend this wine
For many winemakers rosé seems to be an afterthought but rosé is all Aix produces; and they do an excellent job of it too, being awarded several golds in shows.

The wine
Made from the classical Provence blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault with the soft pink colour created by letting 30% of grapes sit with the black skins to gain colour and rest just pressing the grapes and taking off the must for cold fermentation between a cool 11 and 13 degrees Celsius. Their location is crucial and conditions in Provence are perfect. From mineral rich soils to an ideal elevation being on a plateau at an altitude of 420m above sea level, from warm days and cool nights to mistral winds that dry vines on dewy mornings.

The wine estate
AIX Rosé feels like a Provencal brand with a long tradition. And yet it was just 12 years ago that Dutch marketeer Eric Kurver bought the 75 hectare of Domaine de la Grande Seouve, turning it from an unprofitable estate making red and white wine into one of France’s top rosé producers. The 135 years old winery of Maison Saint Aix is situated in the south of France, just an hour north-east of Aix-en-Provence.
Significant investment has been made. Every year over 4 hectares of vineyard are replanted, mainly Grenache and Syrah. The vat house has also been reorganised and the cellar renovated. New harvesting machines, pneumatic presses and temperature controlled stainless steel tanks have been introduced.

Food and wine
The UK’s Secret Sommelier paired it with a vegan red lentil daal. It will pair with anything where the flavours are not too strong or the dish too heavy. Also see our guide to pairing food and wine here.

Did you know?
We didn't think much of rosé until a trip around Provence opened our eyes (see our trip notes here)... because there, the grapes are grown specifically to make rosé and aren't just made into a pink wine as an afterthought (as in many areas outside Provence). The difference is clear; the quality shines through.