Pask 2021 Gimblett Gravels Sauvignon Blanc

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Tasting notes
An intensely aromatic, refreshing NZ Sauvignon Blanc with zesty citrus notes of lemon and grapefruit, accompanied by tropical fruit hints such as passionfruit and pineapple. There is also a subtle herbaceous undertone, adding complexity to the wine. Ideal with oysters, asparagus and goats cheese or simply on its own.

Why we recommend this wine
We learned about the Gimblett Gravels wine area when we visited NZ some years ago Although not from Marlborough, we think that this is an excellent Kiwi Sauvignon in terms of quality and price.

The wine
Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the gravelly soils are fermented in stainless steel tanks to maintain their freshness and then bottles without fining and thus vegan friendly.

The wine estate
Pask Winery is located in the Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand’s North Island. It was founded in 1985 by Chris Pask, who recognized the potential of the Gimblett Gravels area for growing premium grapes. Pask Winery is committed to sustainable winemaking practices, and they strive to express the unique characteristics of their vineyards through their wines. They have gained international acclaim for their Sauvignon Blanc and other varietals, establishing themselves as a leading producer in New Zealand.

Food and wine
Its vibrant acidity and tropical fruit flavors make it an excellent match for seafood, particularly grilled prawns or ceviche. It also goes well with Thai style dishes and to finish the meal, goat cheese. Refer also to our food and wine pairing guide, click here.

Did you know?
Gimblett Gravels is a unique area of land, comprising alluvial deposits exposed when the Ngaruroro River flooded and established a new path 100 years ago. The soil is low in nutrients and laden with stones, gravel and silt. It is this quality, coupled with the area's warmth, that makes it a perfect spot for viticulture.