La Giustiniana 2022 Gavi di Gavi Lugarara

Tasting notes
Subtle, persistent, hint of green apple on the nose and fresh with an almond aftertaste on the palate. Ideal with seafood.

Why we recommend this wine
Gavi de Gavi is often viewed as the premier Italian white varietal; this is a great example.

The wine
Made from Cortese grapes planted in La Giustiniana’s Lugarara vineyards in Rovereto di Gavi, Piedmont. This single vineyard wine is planted in Pliocene gray marl with loose sand. Chemical weedkillers and antibacterial agents are banned. The manual harvest is in the last week of September. The grapes are gently pressed upon arrival at the winery. They then undergo a cool fermentation in temperature-controlled, stainless steel tanks at 16°C, which lasts two weeks. Unoaked, the wine is bottled in the spring following the harvest.

The wine estate
The origins of this vineyard on the Piedmontese offshoots of the Apennines are very ancient: as early as 900 AD. in the annals of the Republic of Genoa there is talk of a Benedictine settlement on the hills overlooking the Lemme river. The "Grangia Bassignana" is mentioned in a document dated 1250 as an agricultural farm of the Abbey of Rivalta Scrivia producing wheat, but above all wine. The watchtower and defense tower, the chapel and various rooms with vaults and capitals remain from this settlement. In 1625 the property was acquired by the Giustiniani family, a member of which was commander of the Genoese militias who victoriously defended the Fort of Gavi, then an important strategic commercial and military hub, from one of the many French sieges. This estate covers 110 hectares in the heart of the commune of Rovereto in Gavi, 40 hectares of which are under vine. Here the grapes give pure, rich and balanced wines. Two single vineyard wines are produced, both of which are unoaked so the character of each vineyard shines through in the glass. The "Lugarara" is always the more open and forward of the two wines.

Food and wine
Great with appetizers, fish and shellfish, also mushroom sauces. Refer also to our food and wine pairing guide, click here.

Did you know?
Giustiniana were the first winemakers in Gavi to vinify designated vineyards separately; something that many winemakers do to differentiate wines made from their best parcels of vineyards. Single vineyard wines are, naturally, also priced above the generic wines of the winemaker.