Bott Frères 2017 Riesling Réserve Personnelle

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Tasting notes
Fruity and characteristic nose, lively citrus fruit reaction in the mouth; quite dry. It is excellent with any food where a splash of lemon would enhance it - we had it with red Thai prawn curry and it was great!

Why we recommend this wine
Alsace is a great place to visit; the architecture, the food and, of course, the wine. This is a really good example of the wines of the region.

The wine
This wine should not be served too cold, that is, not straight from the fridge! It has a light gold colour. On opening it is lemony with a hint of turpine that you would expect from a Riesling. As it opens up (10 or so minutes) the wine gets a fuller feel in the mouth.

The wine estate
The Bott Frères family of Ribeauvillé established their domaine in 1835. They “do not manufacture wine, they cultivate it. The greatest care is given to the grape, from ground to glass. The planting, the ploughing and the treatment (of the vines) are practiced in full respect of the environment. The grape harvest is undertaken manually and the output is monitored to produce high quality wines. Ageing takes place in century old oak casks.”

Food and wine
Best served with seafood; raw, grilled or smoked. Also see our guide to pairing food and wine here.

Did you know?
The characteristic nose of (especially, aged) Riesling from Alsace and Germany is the hint of turpine.