Finca Sophenia 2019 Altosur Malbec

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Tasting notes
Tasting of dark fruits and spices it is ideal for barbeques. Opens up nicely in half an hour.

Why we recommend this wine
We have aways loved Malbec and so visited this part of Argentina some time ago - see our trip notes here. This is a great example of what we like.

The wine
The Malbec vineyards are at the foot of the Andes at an altitude of 4000 feet where the terroir benefits from the cooler climate, abundant sun, and sharp contrast between day and night temperature. Soils are of alluvial origin, loose and with a highly permeable structure. The vines were propagated in Mendoza: low-productivity clones that were chosen for their aromatic properties, and whose root stock come from the most representative vineyards of this unique region, where the Malbec finds its clearest expression. Special pruning, irrigation and canopy management are practiced to obtain a balanced vineyard that provides high quality grapes. The wine is fermentation in stainless steel tanks with selected yeasts at a controlled temperature between 24 and 16 ° C. The wine is then aged for 3- 4 months in French oak.
The winery tasting notes: “Attractive reds with violet tones. Intense fruit aromas, cherry, blackberries and fresh plums combined with spicy and floral notes. In the palate, its sweet and round tannins increase the feeling of fruitiness and balance. Good intensity, concentration and persistence.”

The wine estate
20 years ago, Finca Sophenia started by planting 130 hectares in totally virgin land. The irrigation water comes from the Andes’ thaw. The system that distributes it was devised to obtain small berries and a low production per hectare. In this way, the results are wines of great complexity, high fruit concentration and capable of aging well.
Their Sustainability certification reaffirms their commitment to generate the least possible impact on society, being economically viable, and taking care of the environment.

Food and wine
BBQ meats both in spicy and sweet sauces and game dishes like venison, hare and wild boar. Also see our guide to pairing food and wine here.

Did you know?
The difference between day and night temperatures is called the diurnal range. A large diurnal range can help grapes to ripen in a more balanced way. Warmer daytime temperatures help to foster sugar development, but cool nights can help to preserve aromas, freshness and acidity