White Burgundy Tasting Pack

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We start our tasting journey through Burgundy in Chablis in the North. The wines of Chablis are known for their mineraliness – austere is a word often used. We love them, especially the village wines that have no oak and are made by family-owned wine makers.

We then move down to the villages surrounding Beaune where they specialise in white wines. Some of the most expensive Chardonnays in the world have the name Montrachet in their name. The wine we have is a village-level wine that we have always favoured. It is made in the same way (barrel fermented) as the great Montrachets to give you an idea of what they may taste like.

We then move on to a wine that is also barrel fermented but made from grapes from the region rather than from a particular village. Is the Puligny worth twice as much to you?

Finally, at the southern most part of Burgundy is the Macon region where the Chardonnays are mostly not fermented in oak barrels but in stainless steel tanks as are the village Chablis. Do you prefer the mineraliness of the Chablis or the roundness of the Macon?

As in all tasting packs, the wines included are those that are currently available individually on halfwine.com. Click here to see the wines included.

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