Cabert 2021 Pinot Grigio

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Tasting notes
Fruity, aromatic and fresh. Pale-yellow and slightly amber in colour, this wine has a pleasant bitterish flavour, dry but full. Uncork well before serving; serve at 12ºC. Ideal as an aperitif or with minestrone and subtly flavoured dishes.

Why we recommend this wine
We were surprised by how good it is; a much better than average pinot grigio. Fits the definition of an easy drinking everyday wine perfectly.

The wine
Cabert's description "This vine strain, evolved from the Black Pinot, yields small and compact bunches of characteristic grey colour. The wine is generally made by the fermentation of the must separately from the skins and is characterised by a fruity bouquet with a distinct trace of walnut and toasted bread."

The wine estate
Cabert, established in 1960 in Bertiolo, is located in a farming village in the middle of the “Friuli Grave” plain where the soils are a dolomitic limestone soil made of pebbles, conglomerates and sand. It is owned by several local families who have been in the wine business for generations.

Food and wine
Being light and fruity it wants light, simple dishes such as grilled fish or chicken in a mushroom sauce. Also see our guide to pairing food and wine here.

Did you know?
Friuli Grave – like its namesake Graves in Bordeaux – takes its name from the gravelly, alluvial soil that characterizes the zone. The stones beneath the vines reflects heat and light during the day to help the grapes ripen, as well as acting like a radiator during the night to maintain a constant and even mesoclimate. Drainage is also excellent.