A Dozen Vegan Wines


Free delivery. Twelve half bottles of vegan wine, selected from halfwine.com's current range.

The wines in this pack are all certified as being suitable for vegans.

The key aspect of the winemaking process that is of interest to vegan or vegetarian wine lovers is that of fining (removing unwanted particles from wine). Historically, many fining agents have been animal products or derived from animal products. The more common animal-linked fining agents are albumen, from egg whites; casein, a milk protein; gelatine; or isinglass. These may appear to be odd things to use in winemaking but these agents are added to the wine and then removed again, so are not really an ‘ingredient’. However, many winemakers now use bentonite as their fining agent. Bentonite is a clay-like mineral substance, which is acceptable to vegan and vegetarian wine lovers and to those who are lactose intolerant.

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