The Liberator 2019 Chenin No. 5 (canned wine 2 x 250ml)

Tasting notes
Complex, minerally, taste and aroma of white fruits. Excellent with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

Why we recommend this wine
We were expecting something light and fruity as the average South African Chenin Blanc is. However, SA also produces some wonderful complex chenins that are worth seeking out, especially the wooded ones. Although not wooded this wine in a can is a great example of the serious SA chenins.

The wine
Details about the wine are sketchy, deliberately so as you will see from the quotes from the website below. The wines are sourced (not grown or made) by ‘Rick’ (see the section on the winemaker below for more details).
“Rick was once asked by an adoring fan what he drinks in bed. Immediately paraphrasing the famous Marilyn Monroe quote, he replied: ‘Chenin N°5…’ … [this] Chenin Blanc released by The Liberator is the 5th such one (and there you were thinking this was a blatant and cynical reference to a famous perfume). It also happens to be the single largest Liberator ‘Episode’ release to date.”
Chenin N°5 comes from a very good address in the Cape, but Rick is sworn to secrecy as to the actual source. If our Cape Crusader were to divulge its origin, he would probably then have to kill you. The wine comes from the generous, post-drought 2019 vintage and was destined to be part of a new project which failed to materialise and ultimately was considered surplus to requirements.”
“ ‘Rick in a Tin’ – ‘Chenin No. 5’ Never one to eschew innovation, Rick has embraced the concept of consigning top-quality Chenin Blanc into cans. With an initial run of 7,680 cans, they are testing the market. If it works, expect to see a series of limited releases over time.“

The wine estate
The Liberator wine company buys parcels of wine from wine makers in South Africa. Each parcel is referred to as an Episode – this wine is Episode 29, the 5th parcel of Chenin Blanc. “On my [that is, Rick’s] regular jaunts around the Cape, I’m often confounded by the number of great wines that are resigned to a tragic fate of being blended away or disposed of in bulk. It might be an occasional experimental batch, or possibly an interesting off-cut from some proud winemaker’s latest premium release. Whatever their provenance, it’s my mission as The Liberator to procure these precious vinous orphans and consign them to a better home.” 

Food and wine
The minerality and complexity provide an excellent accompaniment to quiches and cold meats that are not too spicy or meaty. Refer also to our food and wine pairing guide, click here.

Did you know?
“For those commentator’s content to view South African Chenin Blanc as the primary source of industrial quantities of sub-standard, supermarket promotional fodder, think again. It might well remain South Africa’s most widely planted grape variety and a reason why it should be celebrated and not dismissed. This is no facile example. It is a wine that is designed to demonstrate what can be achieved with a little bit of care and attention in both the vineyard and the cellar.”