Sherry Week Virtual Tasting Event


Compare Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez styles of sherry.

Have you ever wondered how Sherry is made? Or how producers are able to create such different styles of wine from the same grape variety?
Join our Sherry Week tasting, hosted by our Wine Guide Kay (click here to visit her website) and discover Sherry in all it’s guises. Explore how a small change in the production process can have a profound impact on the final wine and join in the conversation with your questions and stories. Please select your date above.

Fino - Very dry, light-bodied Sherry that is straw-like in colour. The characteristic aromas associated with Finos are almonds. Typically, good Finos come in at about 15% alcohol by volume. Amazing with almonds, olives, ham, and chips and dips.

Amontillado - In between Fino and Oloroso in terms of colour and body. This sherry loses its flor during the aging process and yields deeper colour and a lovely nutty flavour. The characteristic aromas associated with Amontillados are hazelnuts. Great with oily fish and chicken dishes.

Oloroso - Dark in colour, rich in flavour. Olorosos typically have a remarkable walnut aroma and a swirled caramel flavour, making them a top pick for rich meats and flavourful cheeses (consider Manchego, a delicious Spanish cheese made from sheep's milk).

Pedro Ximenez - Intensely dark in colour and intensely sweet. Made only from the white grapes of the same name that, after harvesting, are left out in the sun to dry for at least two weeks.

We suggest that you buy a selection of cheeses, nuts and dried fruits for your tasting