Virtual Wine Tasting At Home

Are you in a wine rut, bored with the wines you know and looking to mix things up a little?
Do you need some help discovering what wine styles you’ll enjoy?
Have you always wanted to learn more about wine but don’t know where to begin?

Then join our virtual wine tasting events held on the second Wednesday of each month... you’ll get to enjoy some wines you already know you like, explore less familiar wines along the same themes, and occasionally discover a new wine you love that you never would've tried otherwise.

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Guided Wine Tastings

Led by a WSET-certified wine guide, each live virtual tasting session will begin with an overview of the relevant wine regions, varietals, wine-making techniques and terminology. We’ll open the first two wines for a side-by-side tasting - discussing what we see, smell, and taste in these specific wines, as well as what you can expect of this wine style generally. We’ll look to the third wine for contrast (you can either open this third wine too or, if two half bottles are plenty for one session, take notes for another night) and then the fourth (optional premium add-on) as a special treat. Finally, we’ll open up the session so you can ask your questions and share your comments. Total time: one hour.

- Optional Premium Add-On

The premium add-on to the standard three-bottle tasting includes a fourth half bottle that's a high-end version of the theme's wines. For example, the premium option for our Chardonnay tasting is a Puligny-Montrachet - widely regarded to be the most perfect expression of the chardonnay grape. Tasting this wine as part of a broader Chardonnay event is a great way for you to see for yourself whether more expensive wines are worth it; and a half bottle is always a more cost effective way to enjoy a glass of something truly special.

If you sign up for all four events, this option also includes a premium-members-only virtual Q&A session with our WSET wine guide and's founder and director, Kevin. From wine travel and winery visits to running a wine tasting club, building your wine cellar to picking the "gimme" on wine list, wine terminology and pronounciations to the best food pairings... Anything you've ever wanted to ask a wine expert? Now's your chance! 

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What We're Tasting

- January 12: Not Sauvignon Blanc, but similar

Compare a Viura from Rioja and an Antão Vaz from Portugal, then contrast with a Pinot Grigio from Italy. The optional premium wine is an oaked Sancerre for you to enjoy on your own; we'll use the time rather to discuss opening wine – how to use a Butler’s Friend, when to decant, and what to expect in a restaurant.

- February 9: Not Chardonnay, but similar

Taste a white Rhône (the unusual grapes Clairette and Roussanne), a Jurançon Sec from the southwest of France and a Gavi from Italy. The optional premium wine is a Pinot Gris for you to enjoy at your leisure, and instead we'll discuss storing and serving wine: ideal temperatures, glassware, and how to judge whether a wine will improve with age.

- March 9: Not Pinot Noir, but similar

Compare a Gamay from Beaujolais with a Rioja Crianza and a Valpolicella – all light and fruity wines; optional premium tasting adds a Grower Champagne that contains all three varietals used in Champagne (including Pinot Noir).

- April 13: Not Cab/Merlot, but similar

Try a blend from the Dão region of Portugal, a Rioja Reserva and a Grenache from the Rhône region in France; optional premium tasting is a wondeful Merlot-Cabernet Franc blend.

And, events coming in 2022/3:

- Chenin Blanc
- Riesling
- Merlot
- Syrah/Shiraz
- Bubblies
- Sherries
- Grenache
- Malbec
- Sauvignon Blanc
- Chardonnay

- Pinot Noir
- Cabernet Sauvignon

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